Thank you =)


I'm much more calmer now.

I'm tired. Really tired of all these rubbish really. But having good people around you helps. Thanks Jia Von for asking me to chill. lolx. Thanks Sin Hui for giving me great advice. I really appreciate it.

You are right..They are idiots, the most important thing is to love and care for the people around us like our friends.

Well atleast we know their true colours right? better to be hurt now then later when things get even more complicated.

I just want to say that, to whoever who might have gone through these kind of treatment and discrimination before..or you're just reading this page doesn't matter..

but no matter what long as we stay true to ourselves. Nothing can bring us down. Real friends will be there beside you no matter what. No matter how sad, how depressed or how hurt we get...if we know who we are as a person...We will definitely find a way out of it.

I know it's hard, because I am also always trying to be true to myself. Not get influence easily.

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