screwed I am

I know I haven't been blogging..

hmmm, I'm on my 3 week break and you would think that I would have more time to blog right?

arggghhh so freaking wrong! So much work to finish...yea yeahh..I know all I have been ranting about is how much work I've got.

But honestly, I think I'm bloody freaking screwed lor...seriously.. I really hope and wish that I'm not screwed. But somehow, somewhere deep down inside I feel like I'm screwed~

It's all my fault really, can't blame anyone and it's no use complaining cuz I did it on my own. But the feeling sucks you know. I still can make it I think but the feeling still sucks.

There is progress but it is too slow. I still have loads to do~

I must do something about it.

I will do something about it.


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