A proper update perhaps?

here are some pics frm assessment. Not in chronological order...

Pearl and I.

you can actually see that my eye bags were red and swollen! thats cuz I slept less than 5 hours for that 3 days !

ish! leong kacau only lar in this pic. but it still looks good! haha

Annie and Jern~

Tadaaa~ mine and Pearl's! but ugh..I'm very disappointed in my ID...=(

This is my room model~ what do u guys think???

hahaha Nelson and Luppy!

This is how ADF and 3D assesment looked like~

Do you see the 3 people in there? those are the lecturers..They are assessing our work.

on the left..can you guys see a part where is red? that's mine! hehehe all red.

I'm still working on the tags frm Aurea and Elaine.. It may take some time. =P


Had piano class..after class I went to college. No, I didn't have any class but I had a karaoke date with my friends! woohoo..

Luppy couldn't make it.. =(

sorry I had to make all my friends wait.

So..There aren't any computer class anymore!!!! yes! no more chewing gum to stay awake. no more going to class on fridays! no more freaky porn jokes frm the lecturer..haha ok I will kinda miss that because its funny and lame at the same time..-__-

I didn't where we're gonna go. So worried I'll get lost. Lol. Met Leong and he decided to join us.. By us I meant : Pearl, Jah, Adrien and Wendy[thats me! lolx]

We all sat in my car and I drove cuz apparently Leong's car no minyak already. -___-"

so we went to Wangsa Maju.. I still don't know the area there well.. I didn't where was I going! lolx. We went to search for KTV but it was closed...@.@ so round and round we went. We decided to go to Jaya Jusco. Jaya Jusco there not bad lar..haha Kinda liked it. =P

They say got karaoke there but its located inside the kids arcade..omg right? hahaha

They took away the machine. =(

"when life give u lemons..u make lemonades"

We played in the arcade.

after playing in the arcade we go makan!!! it was in the late afternoon and I haven't had anything since morning! just milo drink only =(

so we go makan and Shakey's Pizza and at the same time "ta-pau" some cheesy wedges and meltz. lolx.

I didn't like the pizza. Not so nice to eat. After that we kinda rushed back to college to get Jah back. hehe


I haven't told my mum though..gonna tell her later...hehe

After dropping Jah off we went to Pearl's house! her house is so neat and nice. haha such a good host. lolx. and we talked and talked and talked till like 7 plus~

so we went back. *thank god i still remember the way back!* and jammed until I reached Adrien's place. Frm Adrien's place it jammed until I reach Seri Petaling. I took 2 hours to reach home today.

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