Just got back from college.

haha can't wait for my dinner...hungrryyyy already...=)

Finally drawing assessment over already.No one failed...PHEW! but still don't know the results. Had ID class...so cacat! -___-" don't know what the hell is he teaching. Sigh.

Plus just now I was so frustrated...I think I had a lil green eyed monster in me too..But I'm glad I talked to Adrien.. THANKS!!! He helped me see things clearer now...hahaha as usual I was thinking TOO much! haha I should just CHILL and RELAX =P

My feet survived today~ but tiring lar..SO HARD TO WALK DOWN THE STAIRS IN SUCH HIGH HEELS! I'm going to give my feet a much needed rest! hehe going to wear my comfy comfy COMFY shoes!

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