is my hair starting to look funny/weird?

this pic is so funny...
looks like I was about to say what??? haha

had a "field trip" at the construction area above us.. hmmm nothing to say about it..Didn't learn much except 1 or 2 things here and there...@.@

Another researchhh die lorr...the first one also haven't settle yet....

I'm not going as a pirate...I'm going as a cowgirl now...-___-" and I can't stay over at Jah's place. =( well atleast not yet lar....hmmmmmmm

I totally understand why but I'm also a lil upset....

My internal clock is all messed up now. This really sucks. I don't get to see or talk to anyone at home..when I'm around, they are not around. When they are around, I'm not around.

oh boy =/


with love~

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