I'm going to have a 4 day weekend! yes!

Now I don't have classes on Fridays which is great! But I will be having my Computer Terminology test next week Friday. But that will be the last of it. After that it will be our HALLOWEEEEE PARTYYYY... I'm so excited. =D

I think I am coming down with a flu. Yesterday, after class I felt as though I am having a sore throat. I slept the whole day today. Hopefully I will get well soon! Something is happening and I feeling kinda scared about it. It has something to do with my health but I'm not too sure yet...I have to monitor myself for another month... I think it's cuz of my unhealthy sleeping patterns.

I got back my 3D results!I got A-! I'm actually very very very happy with it. Honestly, I didn't expect that result. I'm very proud of my class too! Because nobody got lower than a B-! and that is just GREAT!!! Now we have to just maintain and improve... oh wait!!! shit...okayy someone might fail... =/

I just hope my Art and Design Fundamental, Drawing and Interior Design results would be as good as my 3D results. Hmm okay, I think I did very poorly for my Interior Design, because, I lack of ALOT of sketches...its like I didn't even do any sketches.

I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and be more hardworking. Especially for ID, I think I know what is he trying to do. But then again, his instructions aren't very clear. So now it's time to take initiative actions... But damn it's hard. I heard what people say about Interior Design, and it's scary.

One of them is like this : Lets say the intake for ID is 30 ppl, by the time you graduate...there will only be 10.

okay, haha enough rambling about how hard ID is..I'm starting to scare myself.

HSM 3 is TODAY!!!

omg omg omg..

I really really really really want to watch it!!! omgoshhh...*yes I know I sound like a giggly high sch girl*

I really hope I get to watch it!

seriously it has been ages since I watch a movie.

okay, got to start with my exercises and assignments...hehehe so hopefully I can enjoy this 4 day weekend!

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