Halloween is coming

Just woke up awhile ago~

yesss i fell asleep and now I'm awake doing my work.

trying to figure out how to do that bloody research or "case study". Dumb dumb...he doesn't even know what he wants and yet he wants us to somehow do it... DO WHAT???? you don't even know what you want!!! *steam coming out from ears*

can someone tell me about stuff related to Human Factor and ergonomics...blegghh I don't even know where to begin. hmmmm

okay apart frm that,

HALLOWEEN IS NEXT WEEK!!! my collegemates are organizing a PARTY!

The question now is.....

What to dress up as???!!!

Someone say I should go as Poison Ivy..from the Batman movie? But but butttt....lol how lar to dress up as Poison Ivy?

hahaha anyone got any other suggestions?
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