falling apart.

I don't know why I even log in...

I don't have any idea what to update or write about. Its the usual stuff I guess. Busy busy busy busy busy bee...No freaking time for anything.

I'm still sick. Different illness now. Its like I went through 3 types of illness...now the fourth... hmm do I call it illness? ailments? -___-" I can't even think straight now.


I feel like I'm falling apart..

Really need to catch up on my work. I got back my ADF and Drawing results. I'm actually shock with my results again. Happy lar of course. Now I have to keep improving and yet maintain with what I've got. Don't want to drop.

Computer Terminology test on friday. Haven't studied anything on it. Halloween party this friday also..I'm part of the games section and some part of the preparation. Again I need to catch up on my work..ID research.

double shit.

I think I need to go back college on sat. =(

I think I have to postpone my piano class again. Which makes it the 3rd time....

This is not good.

this is why I really dislike it when I get sick!!!

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