Desperate HouseWhores..

hahaha yeap. It's not a typo. That is what I wrote. Desperate HouseWhores~

Today I'm going to introduce to you the members of Desperate HouseWhores.

I forgot why we call ourselves that. I think it started with Luppy and Pearl...and it just somehow stuck on. Hilarious~


Luppy @ Bree Van de Tramp. =P

Pearl @ Gabriella Solis

Jah @ Cat-dijah @ Lynnette

Adrien. haha we have yet to figure out the character of Adrien yet.. But he is definitely a part of it!!!!! hehe as Susan!

oh yeah!!!

I'm not going to the halloween party as Poison Ivy anymore.. too hard to dress up as larrr..haha

I'm going to go as a pirate!!! arrrrrrrr



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