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I'm sickkkk...nooo!!!!

I can't believe I'm sick, I didn't even see it coming! I went to college today, it was freezing cold and once I enter the classroom I started feeling hot...like heat... wth. usually my classroom would be like an ice box but I started feeling really hot. Got fever...Feel so "blegh" today. I could barely drive home. But I feel loads better now! I hope I recover soon...


Have you seen Justin's blog? Check out his new accessory! his bling! hahaha I know what present to get him already! =P

I found this! heyy..do you guys remember me doing this??? hahaha this madness...@.@ I don't think I can repeat it again. Emily, if you're reading this...remember? lolx

This is one of the assignments that I am trying really hard to finish as fast as possible....
It looks simple but seriously its not!

sigh, oklar enough updates for now. got to get back to my assignments..if not I won't be sleeping today. =(

I just want to sleep right now. =( sigh

with love

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