Can I feel as cool as my dunhill model right now?

cuz the weather is freaking hotttt....

Sunday = SUN day.

so hot the weather. Its a pain, I've got no mood to do my work at all and lagi no mood to memorise for history exam. =( I feel so guilty and lazy at the same time!

I LOVE 1 Orange.
ignore my over the top emotions right now.
just suddenly felt a huge wave of happiness.

hmmm I've been in college for about a month and a half. Wow time flies, but the thing is I feel as though I've been there for AGES! Its like I was there all along, it makes me feel happy that I made my decision to go to MIA. I'm even more grateful that I'm in 1 Orange instead of Red or Yellow, although Red class has hotter guys. hahaha

When I enrolled into MIA, I was so worried...worried about not being able to make friends or having a HUGE language barrier. But I was wrong, basically everyone here is so nice and friendly... Especially my word to describe them AWESOME. At first, I did make one or two friends but I felt shy really. I didn't dare to open up and I felt insecure, I thought I was going to be lonely... But now, we're just one big happy family! Since August we've celebrated 3 birthdays!!! 3 birthdays in a month...hahaha

I feel really lucky that I'm in MIA,

I like the assignments,

But I also dislike the amount of work given to us,

I like all my lecturers!

except oneee

My class is the coolest class among the 3...

although nowadays got some drama...

We're the cast of Desperate HouseWhores...what do you expect? =P

* hubba bubba is non existent..its lime now -_-"


one day I'm going to take picture of every single person of my class and introduce them in this blog!


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