Sales are over sad right?... I want buy more clothessss..=( but I got loads already. haha oh well..wait for year end sale *wink* *wink*

Yesterday was a holiday for all of us, so decided to go makan steamboat at Bandar Sunway. Yuen Steamboat.. heard of it? I didn't know about it until yesterday night. I drove Sau Li and Iain there! =D so bangga..I'm a safe driver right Sau Li?.. hehe Panda and Xin Yun lead the way of course.

Now I know why Xin Yun needed to book and why we need to reach there by 5.45 pm to have our dinner. Damn a lot of people. Veryy funnyy also, to see how people trying to get the "siu kai yek" Really shocking...

I had a great time yesterday, really glad I could meet up with friends. Really long didn't see them, it wasn't completely the whole gang but it was close enough. Got new juicy news to keep track on now! hehehe. Brought my camera solely to cam whore! =P I'm glad people are willing to cooperate..Even Iain also willing to take picture...

AIKS! forgot to take a group picture...-__-"


Victorian gal,M.I.A'an gal and TarC'ian gal! one more missing though =(

junkit.peigi =P

xinyun.panda. don't they look sweet? the both of them...


warming up to get the chicken.

some sort of technique =P kidding lar..haha

so we eat till we're so full..laugh and laugh. Sometimes don't know laugh about what also, heard that Jun Kit kena pepper spray but actually it was he accidentally spray himself with HAIR spray. LOL. We "fed" Jun Kit with chilli-icecream-fishball. lol! TWICE! poor fella. Always jadi the victim.

When we're done eating, we paid and went off to Jun Kit's house.

on the way back, I didn't realise we had an extra passenger until Sau Li pointed it out. scary? hahaha nolar...want to see my stowaway?


Tadaa! meet a cute baby lizard. It stayed on my windscreen through out the whole journey.

went to Jun Kit's house, I always get left behind at the traffic light cause I'm not as fast as the other 2 The guard was being very weird...-.-


once we reached there...saw Jun Kit's lil bro...I forgot about Same as ever.

see, one play gun, the others play mah jong. lol.

I don't know how to play mah jong, chor dai I think I know how to play poker...need to be refreshed on how the game goes... So sad right, I learn chor dai di so many times already but never practice so I never really learn.

iain. Uniten dude.

haha! I was bored! so cam whore lor. lolx

tadaa..jun kit's lil bro and sauli.

asking sau li to look at the cards or something. lol

junkit.peigi. sauli. TarC'ian dude, Sentosa gal and Victorian gal.

do they look like a couple? XD hehe

play pc...i just play with camera and transfer some songs.

can't see my highlights! lolx. so black

After all that, I went home. Panda and Xin Yun went home as well, tired but a fun night. =)

wow. Its already September, I've been in college for over a month now. Amazing how fast time flies. Some are already in college for 8 months, almost a year. Amazing.

My msn is not being nice at all. I can't log in for days now. =( I really don't know whats going on. arghhh..


with love,

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