may day

ignore the title sinful.. I'm so going to regret eating them...but right now, who cares?!

Its that time of month again where I'll be extremely tired and annoyed. Here comes the extreme mood swings and bitchiness.
I'm feeling so bitchy and the world must revolve around me. Its the time where I must be right even when I'm wrong, I'm selfish and whiny~

yups...sometimes I get that feeling. SIGH!
I feel so angry and annoyed, I feel like people don't really get how much work we have. How many assignments we have to do. Apart from people in college, nobody really gets it. It's frustrating and when I tell them how much work we got I get the feeling like they think I'm exaggerating.

I'm going to experiment with something today.
I'm going to try staying awake until the next morning. See how much work I can do...It should be an interesting challenge. I'm doing this for my assignments not self pleasure.. You think what? I so syiok sendiri go and stay up for nothing??? its the only way I can make use of my time since tomorrow is a Sunday.

Seriously lor..out of all the assignments, I've only manage to finish ONE.. out of 12 perhaps? Its not that I'm procrastinating, I don't think I'm procrastinating at all.

I really have no idea how my time is used. Its like I come back, do sketch development, eat dinner and then suddenly I would be sleeping. @.@

I even K.O once UNKNOWINGLY. I woke up NOT KNOWING WHAT HAPPENED. That was seriously scary. Dad said it was like I was drunk. heh. It's much better now but its still not good enough. I spent most of my time getting enough rest just to be able to drive and pay attention in class the next day.

September is officially my last month working. I just really can't stand it anymore! My performance during work has deterioated. I was quite late to work today, like 10 minutes. I'm definitely going to miss teaching some of 'em kids. Not all but some.

ok, nothing much to write now. Just that I'm going to try to stay awake! going to be G for the night. G is a person in my class. Hah, long story, no time to tell. I need to buy cake tomorrow! I don't know what flavour to buy!!!! ahhhh * screams * I'm not used to doing this kind of thing but I'll give something new a try!

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