oh my gosh.

I want my orange highlighter. =( it's brand new and I like the colour so much... I don't know where it went... sigh I think I probably have to get another one.. ='(

I'm done with my History of Art exam..I lost 3 marks..=( the pictures was alike but the colour was different, therefore I labeled wrongly.


We always read about kidnapping and rape cases in the newspaper, all we feel is sad and it never hit us how big the impact could be. Just today, my classmate receive a call saying that her friend is dead. Her friend was kidnapped and was found dead last night. She was only 16 years old. They kidnappers ask for ransom money and they got their money but they killed her anyway. It feels so surreal even as I'm typing these words out. I have chills all over and I can't imagine or more like I have no idea what to feel. According to my classmate, she is not from a very rich family just average but she is very pretty.

This angers me so much...yet it frightens me... as a girl and as a human being. These kind of actions is very unimaginable. We can't even call them animals. Animals don't even do such barbaric and uncivilised actions. People like these kidnappers aren't desperate for money, they are inhuman... Have no morals or whatsoever. It is beyond unimaginable how a person could come up with such ideas or have the guts to take aways one's life, a young life.. My classmate told me that there is a high chance that she was raped.

How are we supposed to be independent strong ladies or women when all these are happening? It's really sad, no matter how much we cry, how scared we are, how angry we feel... the harsh reality is that we can't do anything about it. A life is gone, nothing can be done to change that. Even if the kidnappers were caught and punished or probably sentenced to death, we can't say justice is done 100%.

We really have to be careful. Although most of the time these thing happen when the least expected. But for our part we should really be careful and always be cautious of our surroundings.

With all my heart I pray and hope that the kidnappers/murderers will be caught! What gave them the right to take away an innocent persons life? They had no right...no right at all.

So please, be careful whenever and wherever you all are... Take care. Please. I really mean it.

The news about the kidnapping came out in todays newspaper. The Star, I'm not sure about other newspapers.. She was not raped...Page N21.
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