Monday, 15 September 2008

it's already morning?

its already 2.30 am..

I'm not sleeping yet. I guess the coffee worked! lolx and I pretty much slept the whole day. For the past 5 hours I was finishing these...

egg and potatoes for drawing class...

and this dumb dumb axonometric projection for ID class.

this one really took a long time....and I'm not completely done yet...need to draw it in ink and colour them. Sigh I hope I did everything right. I really don't want to redo them!

I totally forgot that I was suppose to wash my car today. I remembered this morning and somehow I forgot. It is sooooo dirty... =( All thanks to the dirty rain water...

My eyes are feeling kinda heavy but my mind is wide awake! rawrrr...Why can't I feel this semangat in the afternoon??? At least then I could get more work done and get a good nights sleep. sheeeshhhh I'm really trying my very best to not procrastinate my work... Its a terrible habit that I'm seriously trying to stop. I think I'm doing much better than last time but still sometimes I would just stare into space...-__-"

ok. Gonna do some memorising for history...

I am hoping for a miracle!


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