It's about 5.40am now. Mum woke me up and I thought I was late for college! dumbass...I'm on break. See how stress out I'm beginning to be?? And then I realised...wait? Do I have class today?

superrr blur lor...

Sigh, all wrong..I'm going back to Penang today. I feel so weird and all. A part of me want to cry, don't ask me why...a part of me not want to go, a part of me is feeling selfish, a part of me is feeling symphathetic and the list goes on...

I've got nothing much to say at the moment. Just the feeling is so odd... Such an alien feeling. =( it's making me feel really uncomfortable.

I need my family.
I need my friends.
I need my work.
I need so many of these things that have been around me ALL this time..

Death makes you appreciate..

Why is it that we need something bad to happen in order for us to realise about the good things around us?
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