Happy Birthday Iain

wow, seriously...so many people's birthday this month! Craziness~

until...I almost forgot that it is Iain's Birthday today! I think Justin is going to make an interesting post about it... -___-" sigh

Sorry Iain~

okay, I've known that Iain existed since primary school. He's a year younger than us cuz PTS jumper ma... lolx. So in saujana, in our class...we always kinda tease him as the baby of the group =P

So this is a short Bday Shoutout for Iain Yang~

Will he read this? I really have no idea.

Here's the thing.. He always avoid taking photos..which is annoying really! lolx

We kinda always bully him as well...give him nicknames. Drawing his pencil case. hehehe

He's good with the science stuff like physics and add maths...psst...He always show off too! especially when I don't know how to do and always ask him... -___-"

He always looks blur. Never really show emotions and give comments. @.@ Which sometimes makes me feel like killing him...

But he is a good guy lar...hehehe very guai chai.. When we first found out he had his first fight.. We were SHOCKED!!!

He is fun in his own way.

Happy Birthday Iain~

you're finally SEVENTEEN... =P


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