For the first time I was late for college.

I don't think I was late for school last time either.. I don't remember. I don't like being late at all! Was 20 minutes late for class =( Luckily Mr Chin is nice... I was late just because an oil tanker broke down at Pandan Indah!!! of all places! The oil tanker pretty much took up the whole road. I was stuck in the jam wayyy before Taman Kencana. wtf.

so many people are sick now. =( flu, cough,fever,sore throat.. not good. I hope they get better... my classmates I mean. Because missing just one class could mean HELL. Seriously...I'm not even exaggerating! I hope I won't get sick. Hope my immune system is in good shape. =P

got another new assignment today..all my assignments need to be finished soon for the assesment. SIAL! Then have to start studying for History of Art, English and Computer Terminology..actually more like memorising lor..

I'm so irritable now!
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