What a day today! I had diarrhea...in college somemore..


All because of a weak stomach. I had fever since monday and its not completely cured yet. Everytime I reached college feeling fine and once the air-conditioning starts working then my fever reappears! =( I feel hot and cold at the same time.

this week has been sad.

I feel so lazy to do my work. I feel so helpless, I can't find time to practice the piano. I can't seem to finish my work. Now I feel bad for certain things that are happening in college.


Its not my fault for what has happened but I somehow felt that I contributed to it. I really hope things would be better.

Mid term exams are next week! oh gosh.... Now I'm panicky...

Want to have a yum cha session with the ex-skbbsp'ians...everybody is missing everybody so muchhhh.Since I started college I feel like I'm existing in another world...a whole new dimension...@.@

I starting to get annoyed with my ID lecturer...I seriously don't know what I've learnt...He never really teaches.. My classmates thinks so too.. He comes to class unprepared and uggghhh thinking about it makes me go ballistic! haih...

I'm feeling something special..but I may be over reacting or thinking too much about it...

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