birthdays so far

September has nearly come to an end.. Many more birthdays to celebrate...but so far...these are the birthdays that have celebrated!

Emily's 18th!

We sorta surprised her? well not really..I don't think it was much of a surprise...sigh... But it was good to see them again. fun too...interrogating her boyfriend... hehehe

Luppy's hot hot 20th!

Luppy, if you're reading are not old!!! hahaha but I doubt he is reading it..not sure...

I love relightable candles...its hilarious seeing a person blowing out the candles over and over again! =P

Wan Ling's 18th

Not much of a celebration cuz we kinda found out last minute...but we did sing her a Birthday Song when she entered the class..=) Sorry Mr Chin for being rude!

Her unedible cake..=( she didn't want to blow the sad....

Adrien's surprise 18th!

GOTCHA! hehehe...I hope we gave him a fabulous surprise...! it was hard not to wish him happy birthday...

It was hard hiding the cake from him too! They had to hide it in some cupboard thing because he came...hahaha

Glow in the dark designed underwear...designed by luppy!

love you people so much!

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