Suddenly I thought about the past. Primary school and high school, all the happenings, moments...good times and the most horrible times. I've been a prefect pretty much my whole life.

Do I miss being a prefect?

well not really, I came to a conclusion that I don't really miss being a prefect because of all the drama and deceit. All the politics just makes me want to vomit blood. I admit, I was in the "political drama" at first but after that I got sick and tired of it. I was unsatisfied because I felt as though I wasn't given a fair chance. Could it be because of some reasons?

In some ways I'm glad that I was the secretary and not anything higher, in some ways I'm not glad. That is all in the past.

It showed me a whole new point of view at another level. It showed how ugly the world can be because of human nature. It made me realised that even though we're in school, we are not protected from the harsh world at all. Getting caught up with all these drama can seriously do life changing "damages" to a person. Be it good or bad.

This being my blog, I do not mean to offend anyone. Feel free to express yourself but at the end of the day it is up to me whether I want to acknowledge your comments or not. I have wanted to express this part of me since god knows when...hmmm since I left high school.

You can really see their true colours. Not every hardworking person can be a good leader. Not everyone have that quality or charisma. I didn't truly enjoy my "time" while I was in the Prefectorial Board. I felt like everything is upside down. We were constantly being compared to the past "board" and we were never given a full opportunity to be better. The past board members were good. We do look up to them, but if we always compare and hang on to the past how are we ever going to move forward?

Many speech were given....Empty words... those people above the prefectorial board..the admin. They can't even hang on to their who is going to take the prefects seriously? In other schools, prefects are honoured. In our school, prefects are looked down and the prefects themselves don't seem to care.[not all but there are many] It really saddens me, I felt I couldn't voice out because they think a secretary is suppose to jot down notes and prepare reports.

A lot of the prefects aren't even prefects. They behave like students and sometimes even worse. They don't even respect the uniform they have on. I feel they were afraid to stand up for whats right and afraid to loose their friends.

The term respect has been misintrepreted as well. Personally I think respect should be earned or gain. Its the 21st century for heaven's sake. It's not like the old days whereby " I am the leader so you have to respect me regardless of how much an ass I can be ". Because humans are developing, we know how to think and are learning to make a stand for ourselves. So if someone treats us like garbage, why should we treat them like royalty ?

I've been ranting on the negativity... Its not really fair . But that was what I felt during the transaction between the new board and old board plus the most of the time in form 5. There was so many things that I felt or we[ some of the board members] could improve. There was a lot of good things that we could offer. But there was no TEAM. It was every man for himself.

I don't feel like a part of the prefect team anymore. The things that happened was more than enough to tell me to back off. Whats in the past should stay in the past and I must take the experience with me and move on.

Everyday is a new chapter. Everyday we learn something new. Everyday we become better.
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