so far...its like that

Another friendship day was formed.
But with a different crowd.

*inside scoop* can't really explain though. Its just a random day that we chose to share our "secrets".

awww. "M.I.A is like a very big FAMILY"

I really loved it when she said that.

A lot of assignments.

But I'm still happy...?

Freaking tired, I don't know how I drive home without falling asleep.

None of my college mates know I blog. I didn't tell. Let them find out on their own lar.. hehe

My class is crazy. The good kind of crazy and I love my class.

I like doing my assignments even though at times I don't know how the hell am I suppose to deal with it.

I'm having English and ID 1 tomorrow. I don't really like Mr. Teo...I don't know, I hope it will get better than this. A lot of people don't get him either. He's like a sexist. How can he ask a guy if he's gay???!!! and then ask that person to mix with more guys. o.O discrimination.

Mr Chin is not going to be our 3D teacher. He's only replacing until Ms Bibi Chew comes back [she's in confinement... so I can't call her a "miss" can I???] I like Mr Chin. He's funny and nice too. Comparatively, the work he gave to 1Red and the work Ms Anna Chin gave us is a HUGE difference. Ours is a lot more complicated. But honestly, as much as people are kinda complaining. I'm not really complaining much. I believe that it will be good for our own basic skill. Yeah...its going to make me blind, I'm sure haha but its not really that bad.

I sound really positive don't I??? oh gosh, I'm feeling like the weird one. I just want to excel you know. Being passionate about something and yet not doing well in it just sucks.

History class was kind of interesting. I didn't know those early civilization paintings...those cavemen paintings can actually look so good. Imagine...NO BRUSHES. They used hand and can last for so long. But some images are funny and disturbing...Those carvings he showed. Women are worshipped as GODDESSES! Known as "life-giver". Big difference between then and now!

okay then, I'm much more awake than I was just now. Updates much later.

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