I have to finish my work

I know I shouldn't blog...

But I am tired and got bored.

and I'm pissed cuz the weather is freaking hot!

Oh my goodness. Haha that sounded super lame. I'm not a natural poet and I can't rhyme words very well like Justin hahaha

I shouldn't be praising him. XD

I need a short break. I'm having one of 'em moods again. My mood swings came back I suppose. Well not mood swings lar...just the "easily get frustrated" feeling. I'm having some difficulties with one of the elevations and I have no idea how to colour them. Okay, I have some idea but I'm not entirely sure. I haven't choose the colour for "My Bedroom" yet! Plus the 200 word description..

okay I should stop!
I'm complaining. That's negative. Should be more positive.

*inject positiveness*
I can do it!
I can do it!
I can do it!

After I deal with the elevation thing I'm going to tackle Art and Design Fundamentals assignment!

I don't have holiday next week. =(

yes yes, I know some/most of you lucky people got holiday. So good. But even if I were to have holiday it won't really be a holiday. The lecturers there already told us. We would be busy with our work. o.O haha some "holiday".

How nice if we could share our holidays! haha that would be really interesting.

So many new things are happening! omg! I know I should expect changes. Changes are bound to happen.
blur blur blur me.

Enjoy your holiday! =)

with love..
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