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I think its weird to feel happy and yet frustrated,worried,tired etc etc at the same time. That's what I'm feeling. I feel like I'm behind my assignments. I'm really trying to catch up so that I won't fall so behind. I'm really not used to it yet.I'm not used to drawing so much at one go. Miss Anna Chin assignment is either going to make me blind or crazy.

I'm munching on snacks and drinking coffee just to stay awake. haha going to grow sideways again and the sad part is I'm not even thin to begin with..haha! ID 1 assignment is simple but yet I'm not entirely sure.

Anyone knows where to get affordable reference/textbooks and materials for art? I'm still looking around. I want to get my own reference book but its crazy expensive. I could borrow from library but I bet it isn't always available. I've got this thing where I like to have my own text book and stuff. I don't really like to buy second hand either unless its in a good condition. I checked out Borders today and its too expensive...one of the book cost about rm 200+!!!

ohhh! I met darling Lynnett too! haha small small world...

I'm not going to judge anyone right now. Its just the beginning. I have my own opinion but I'm not going to tell. Because I want to understand better and I need time to adapt. I feel like I need my own space for awhile before I open up. People will start bombarding questions and I don't feel like telling and that stresses me out. I will feel like screaming and feel like I'm being push to a corner with no options. So until I'm familiar with my new surroundings and the people I'm around with...don't expect me to spill on everything.

here are some pictures from orientation night. I feel like art students LOVE to take photos! haha I mean they enjoy taking pics. Its like *snap* *snap* one more! *snap* not nice lar...again *snap* hahaha...so fun! Our class did some sort a fashion show catwalk. We had to wear something orange to represent our class... too bad we didn't win =(

these are all my classmates...

Leong and Jia Hui

Yvonne and Sheena

My catwalk partner, Leong


Jern! this girl super awesome with art!


Pearl and Luppy!!

Teck Lup aka Luppy!!!

The hottest catwalkers of the bunch!!! G and Nelson!

Almost my whole class! ORANGE!!!
okay..got to continue with my work!


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