Penang oh penang.

Hey all =) I'm going to blog about my long long long long weekend =P

I went to Penang for the weekend. Mum had this Qi Gong trip which I agreed to go just to accompany my mum despite all the aunties are going. Basically the trip kinda sucked big time!

Here is how it went... We had to reach my mum's Qi Gong teacher's house before 6am! So mum and I had to wake up at 4.30am!!! I only had less than 4 hours of sleep. I was so frustrated and grumpy. Its like " don't touch me or I'll kill you " feeling. haha I really didn't feel like going. I didn't care to pack properly or care what clothes am I going to wear.

So we reached the house before 6.30am and waited for everyone to come. We walked down to the bus station and waited for the bus to come. We waited until 6.4am. Crazy lar! We got up the bus and fetch people from other Qi Gong centres. Then we had breakfast at Kinrara. From the beginning our schedule was already messed up. The tour guide was absolutely unprofessional.

Fast forward a little.

We were suppose to visit some Thai Spa in Bukit Mertajam I think. But they didn't know the way!!! What kind of tour is this??? We got lost and ended up in Lunas,KEDAH! Wth. They drove us round and round and round until we went back to Bukit Mertajam. Can you guess what that lady tour guide told us? She didn't apologise for the mishap but instead she said "at least we could see how the villages and the fruit farms look like " [cuz we passed a lot of kampung and fruit farms like papaya etc] -__-" thats really dumb. If you're talking about the younger generation then fine lar but now its all *no offence* aunties and of course they have seen things like this.. Even I have seen them before. We are not that jakun okay.

I think the journey from kl to penang took about 10-12 hours? My back and butt ached a lot. We stayed in a bungalow which the rooms are rented out to the public. Mum and I were lucky. Last minute they told us that there was a room for doubles only. Our room has built in toilet. There was one floor which there was only 1 toilet for that floor so have to share. There is about maybe 4 rooms on each floor and each room can accomodate 4-5 people. 16-20 people have to share 1 toilet!!!! @.@ so cham.

The dinner and breakfast provided is not too bad. But the time management was really terrible. It really feels weird taking a tour guided bus to Penang. I mean my mum is from Penang and I was born in Penang. So its really freaky.

You know what was really dumb? I brought my camera battery charger but forgot to bring my camera, -__-" I really thought I brought my camera. haha dumb dumb.

I'm really lazy to explain and tell every single detail. I'm tired. So I'll just give snippets here and there. On the first night, mum had Qi Gong so I stayed in the room for just a few hours. Because there isn't any entertainment there and I didn't want to fall asleep cuz I had the key to the room. So unbelievebly, I read 2 whole magazines! HerWorld and Seventeen. Both from front to back! Read until I couldn't read anymore. Too much input of info.

some pictures. Didn't take much.

the bed and really lumpy pillow..hahaha

The air-conditioner which is probably as old as me!

The bungalow..

Nothing exciting to talk about.

Except for food! hehe


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