no idea for a title

I'm struggling with ID drawing. I think the lecturer is kind of new and young. Seriously he didn't really teach us how to draw or what nots. urgghhh I need to find a reference book that can help me. I need books to study!

I want to go book shopping but all these art books damn mahal sial.


I haven't even watch Dark Knight yet *thats random*

Got my hair cut. Nothing drastic.

I'm crazy over hairbands for now. hehe. They look so cute and colourful! me like~ retro chic.

Since I'm busy these days, I don't get to chat with anyone now. Its really sad. I only meet my college friends. I miss my friends so much! you guyss....are you reading this???!!!! I MISS YOU GUYS =(

Lynnett and Leka planning for a yum cha session... Need help? Let me know if I could help with anything okay? =)

I haven't even got a chance to play around with the WACOM Bamboo Tablet. I'm such a newbie with all these artsy fartsy stuff. I am starting to wonder about lots of stuff. Thankfully no regrets. Just a few bumps that I need to overcome.

There will always be someone better than you.
Before I forget...
Happy Belated Birthday to Carr Men and Sean Sing. * luckily I wished them on time* =)
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