I just couldn't do my work today. Really exhausted.

I actually feel kind of kiasu at times. But sometimes that is what people have to do to succeed right? I feel like so many things are happening at one go. I'm not really used to the "must do a lot of sketching" concept. Our sketch books are like our diaries which help us gain marks. I don't want to fail. I don't want failing to be an option. I'm still used to "read a book" to study concept.

I think high school has spoon fed us. Its like we were born with a silver spoon in our mouth. So now its all up to us to do our own thing.
I didn't expect art college to have so many assignments all of a sudden. I thought it will gradually increase or something. Is it different to study art in a non-art college for eg: Taylors,Tar etc
Do they have to go through foundation? Learn all these basic skills like drawing, art and design fundamentals?
I'm going to bed now. Need to continue my work tomorrow.

This is my creative drawing work for the workshop. I think my favourite part is the colour pencils! haha I didn't like doing the collage.


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