Its not all sweet. There are some sour moments too.

There's this new guy in my class and he is from Africa.
Uganda to be exact, his name is Moses.
Cool eh. We have a Singaporean, Korean and an African.
My class is the craziest. Most fun. We all agreed on that. hehe

Most of them call me Wendy. But it feels weird if I have to introduce myself as Wendy.
Don't really feel like I owned it yet.
But I accept that name.
No mood to do work today.
Came home early. Watch a lil of Evan Almighty with bro and fell asleep till 9pm. @.@
I am thinking how am I going to do that research thingy. I have to search for all those pictures and present it in an interesting way.
Plus the history project. Oh shit. I think I just made myself in charge unknowingly.

I absolutely dislike it when people doesn't appreciate and takes advantage.
I don't like when someone joins a group not just because you want to but because you want to used that person.
I don't like it when someone just brushes friends off just like extras. Worthless and unnsignificant.
Don't freaking judge people.

I hope there will be tix for Dark Knight. I want to watch it so badly.
Can't wait to finally go out.
But I almost didn't want to go out cuz of my assignments.

It took me 1 1/2 hours to reach home yesterday.
The traffic jam was terrible.

okay, I've just ran out of random bits to say.
Leave a comment won't ya?
Serena, will do your tag real soon kay? =)
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