I'm happy

omgosh. Assignments are pilling up like crazy. In 5 days I already have 4 assignments!

Procrastinating is not an option! It's really interesting but yet its crazy! As a designer I have to think of it like a problem and I have to find a solution. Not create more problems. I'm really loving my class and the people in it. I really feel comfortable in a way like I couldn't imagine myself anywhere and anything else. Awesome isn't it?

I'm seriously lacking of sleep man, yesterday night was our orientation night. It was fun! I had fun...omg...if only you see how people dance. It felt like a club though I have no idea what a club is suppose to feel like. But I think it would feel like last night. Not everyone was outgoing enough to hit the dance floor. omg I can't dance. hahaha The game they organized was lame really. oh oh! I met a saujanian there! haha How exciting! She's in Fine Arts. Argh I forgot her name...

By the time it was over it was already 11pm and the bus brought us back to M. I. A and I had to drive home so late. That was the latest I have ever driven. [O.O] Oh! I had to fetch a classmate back too. I was hella scared! I didn't want to get lost. Her house so deep inside and the area was dark.. Luckily I found my way out! Phew! I think my driving is kinda dangerous..=( Still not very good yet. The route around M.I.A is weird. I got honk like so many times already -__-" and my friend always have to direct me with the parking.

I've got loads of drawing to do. To whoever who thinks taking art is easy because there isn't much to study... I would be ready to bash them up. lol! nolar..but please re-think that statement. IT ISN'T EASY AT ALL. There is no such thing as studying last minute or cramming. It won't work and procrastinating is like a one way ticket to hell. But it is definitely interesting. They are like moulding our mind.

okay..Will post up pictures later!

I want to sleep so badly.

Procrastinating is a one way ticket to hell
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