go and sleep!

You never know what are their true colours.
You don't even know mine.

I just have to learn to do my own thing, my own way and to my own satisfaction.
I can be different and yet not be wrong.

Thats what I want to achieve.

I don't accept failure. I want to be better.

Woke up early today just to finish some sketches for drawing class. I had 5 hours of drawing class today. OMG damn long...Who knew drawing could be quite hard. Just to draw 5 simple looking objects. Thank goodness for breaks in between.

Computer class was "so productive", the lecturer was telling a lot of stories. In the end I really don't know what I got out of it. Probably a lil bit here and there.

I am so sleepy. I seriously almost fell asleep while driving. I had to find ways to keep myself awake. Singing loudly and weirdly in my car. It helps a lil. I didn't go straight home. I went to parents shop because I knew I just couldn't take it.

I'll try to post more pictures to make it as interesting as possible aite...
right now I'm just swamped with assignments and I want to do well in them! I have about 8 on going assignments now! Shocking no?

okay then,
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