double posting =P haven't done that in a long time.

I had this funny thought about college. I think of it like know, America's Next Top Model. I always get the feeling that, gosh I don't know why. I had this crazy theory about why I think college is like ANTM but I forgot what was that crazy theory. -__-"

test are coming up in a few weeks time. After that is my sem break, =) after sem break would be my mid semester assesment. We're gonna shift into the new classrooms after the break! Super excited lor.

double hookery...
I don't understand why some people would do hookery.
First impression was great...
Now it ain't so great. All the bragging and the showing off...all for what? Self satisfaction?
Save your racism and sexism.
I don't give a damn about it. You're not the only one that can be good. We can too.
Don't be such a bitch about every single thing that does not go your way.

okay, got that off my chest.

Just do it...!

not real hookery..just a term used..

with love
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