Saturday, 30 August 2008

3 day weekend rocks!

No need to go college on Monday. Happynya~

Came home after work, I drove pass IMU and it was windy. The leaves on the trees just started falling so gracefully. It felt like autumn though I really have no idea how autumn feels like.

It was sooo pwetttiieeee....

Feel so sien, I was doing a series of sketches based on point and line. I'm stuck, no idea...like writer's block..I won't say I'm having an artist's block because I don't feel like I'm one yet...

Inspiration please comeeeeee to meeee....prettyyyy pleaseee.....

Our lecturer showed us some examples done by our seniors. OMG, it was so good and breath taking I seriously had difficulty breathing. I'm not kidding! My chest started feeling tight...

me, wanting my work to be good..
like some friends mention before, a perfectionist.
I am starting to agree...
pressure sial..

work today was kind of scary. The headmistress was so scary, she seriously went beserk weii..
She's so pressured until she really went vulcanic... can you imagine, baby crying non-stop, kids talking and playing, headmistress yelling at top volume and headmistresse's daughter asking for her mum's attention. @.@
Headache also don't want come pay a visit.
yumm...something smells good right now...

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