What I'm really feeling...

Remember there was once I mention that I was sick again for the 3rd time in 4 months?

haha yup, I'm sick again. My immune system must really suck now. My nose is runny, I feel warm yet cold and clammy, my voice is on the verge of dying and I'm just feeling so tired. Mum suggested not to go to the doctors this time. Suggested that I try letting my body heal on its own instead of relying on drugs.

sigh, can also lar. Save money. lol. I don't mind not going to the doctors its just that this time I feel really sick. It's worse than the last 3 times. I just feel like sleeping all day =(

drove to school all by myself! feels kinda great. =P

in turns out, I'm not quite done with my portfolio thingy. Pn. Normaliza suggested that I do a few more with perspective. The thing is, I don't know where to begin! or how to design a room

-__-" mati lar like that. Cannot! must be positive...must at least try right? Just bang on it only lar.

I know I can

I know I can

I know I can

hahaha. Must inject some semangat in myself.

okay, here the thing...for these past few months I have this small lil emotion building up in me. So here goes;

I don't mind people asking me what am I studying or where am I studying but I am tired of people asking those questions when I have told them a million times before! I'm also tired of people making comments about me starting "late". I know its already July and I know I have not start so why do people have to make such a big deal to remind me? I'm also tired of people thinking that studying art is "not glamorous" or that because I'm studying art it means that I'm dumb or stupid or just a person who is the type that can't study. I have enough of this nonsense. Enough of all these brainless people who don't think and somehow got brainwashed and influence into thinking that just because they study science it means that they are a GENIUS. Utter rubbish.

I really need to vent this out. Although a lot of people don't mention their negative opinion on art but you can totally see it in their eyes. The way they pause for an awkward moment before giving you a fake "ohh". Even teachers do the same and then they would ask you, "how was your SPM results? okay ar?" ha! I know I didn't get straight A's but I would gladly tell you that I did well.

I'm so going to make it happen and prove to everyone including myself that I can do this. Just because I study something different from what the norm is that doesn't mean I can't make it in this life. Thats the path you chose and this is what I chose. So stop talking crap and just accept it.

with love
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