I am so blur until I wrote the wrong email and password for blogspot. lolx.

the word for today : SALE.

=P hahaha

going out with Xin Yun, Emily + Marianne[Emily's sis] and Sau li~ yay! Girls day out! Glad to meet up with Xin Yun. So long never see and talk to her already. =]


Jia Von's birthday dinner at a Japanese Restaurant. Um I don't remember the exact spelling of the restaurant. -__-" but it was great. I had fun and made new friends! haha I sound kiddy. But it was great seeing my classmates again.. Eugene,Ganesh,Lin Shan, Kimberly and Randy.

I'll post about it later together with pictures.

till then,


I don't know why. I'm just feeling happy. I like what I'm feeling. I hope it last long enough.
Life is gettin' good! =P
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