not emo, just touched and content

I love clothes. In other words...Shopping.

But I got to refrain from spending so much. I think I spend a lot. Not excessively but just a tad more than I should. =(

sorry mummy and papa! Now I think about it... Its true. Felt extremely horrible.

Well I know its no point regretting. What I'm going to do is spend less or not spend at all. Its just college right? Not a beauty pageant. -_-" I may be convinced now but later on I'll sure think otherwise. Luckily nowadays, when I spend its usually from my own pocket. As in the money I earned from working in the kindergarten. Decided to continue working there for the time being lar. Earn extra pocket money!

Going to M.I.A again tomorrow to pay for the first semester and also to get to know the route better. After that its on my own. Mummy/papa not going to chaperone anymore. Sorry mummy for the fright yesterday! =( I frightened myself too.

I want to watch Batman~ I want to watch Heath Ledger.

Just something personal to share,

I love my family even more than ever. We've gotten closer than before. I've open up to them more than I ever thought I would. I've always been afraid of opening up because sharing with them the emotions I have makes it harder to say goodbye when the time comes. I've never felt so happy and be part of the family since "don't know when I develop this [not so close to family] feeling"

I always avoid opening up to people. Even friends. Yes, I am emotional at times but I never share a lot of myself. Its something I'm still learning to overcome as time passes. I never open up because I am afraid I would get too attached. In some ways I'm committment phobic! I'm also afraid of loosing the people that are dear to me.

I should stop focusing on what I may loose in the future and start focusing on what I have around me now!

I love my family and I love my friends. Truly I do. I miss my friends from primary and especially those from high school. I will start to make new friends, new lifestyle and of course there will be changes. But it will never be like high school. Nothing can ever replace the past memories. There can never be a repetition. Each memory has its own identity just like our thumb prints or zebras!

Just to say I love you all. Family and friends. =) and thank you. hahaha for making my life much better and happier.

big HUGS and KISSES to you all! hahaha
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