M.I.A is not missing in action.

I got through my first day of college without any scratches or bruises! Phew! seriously it was scary!

nah! haha just kidding.. It was alright. Awkward at the beginning but it isn't so bad now.

I need an hour to reach M.I.A *which btw stands for Malaysian Institute of Art and not missing in action* so luckily I left my house earlier. My dad came with me just in case I don't remember the way. Tomorrow he'll follow me again so he could take the car for some repair and I would know the route better.

I had to reach M.I.A at 8.30am...We went to register and divided into 3 classes. I'm in ORANGE class. So we all went to the 3rd floor and entered a room. Its like our assembly area...I forgot what is it called. Obviously I didn't meet anyone I know but I did get to know a few people. =)

We listened to the briefting etc etc...the maintanence uncle, Mr Lai or Uncle Lai.. He was so sweet and friendly to us! he's like a nice grandfather. hahaha

This whole week would be orientation week. So for the next 3 days, we are going to have 3 different workshops! It isn't about academic. Its about having fun =) the 3 workshops are :
  • Creative drawing
  • 3D - Craft
  • Mix media (Collage and Painting)

and on friday we would have computer studies. On the 8th of August we have our orientation night handled by the Fine Art Department. Basically I wont start studying until next week and I won't get my time-table until end of this week.

hmm what else? I don't think I left anything out... Except there is this Korean guy but he is taking Graphic Design and there was this shy guy sitting next to me and he is taking Textile and Fashion Design. Oh! and the guy, Kenneth that gave us a briefting about the courses is kinda cute. hahaha

thats about all I guess. =)

So the rest of my day is pretty normal just added a few sessions of me being super uber talkative and yakking about how my day went.

I needed to prepare materials for the workshop. I forgot I needed to buy charcoal pencil/stick. Luckily Kos Store got sell but then, mahal giler...10 bucks! more expensive than my pliers. =( After that me and my bro went to Carrefour to go to the Post Office. I don't like Carrefour parking. I mean all their signs are so misleading. I got my rebate for the car. Gonna use that for college supplies. The guy at the counter thought me and my bro were a married couple!


Wtf man. Really a *slap forehead* moment. wtf. I asked him... Can't you see the resemblance??? he said he didn't notice. lolx. OMG -__-" He is the same age as me. haha at least he apologised...funny guy man.

I was so tired that I sleep from 6+ till 8pm! Well okay, thats all lar. Wait till tomorrow!


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