I just feel like laughing

I'm back and better than ever!!! yeahh..haha it definitely sounds very familiar and I feel cheesy using it.

I miss blogging so I'm glad I'm back. =) no more emo post until something emo actually happens. Anyway today started off funny. Mum and I wore the same type and colour shirt out today! O_O

Awhile back, we both bought this really nice Mark & Spencers shirt.It's just a simple, 1 colour, round neck tee. Well we both bought the same colour and this morning when I came down I was so surprised. So was my mum. Funny~

I had an early piano class today and I couldn't sleep last night. Luckily I didn't need to drive if not sure fall asleep. I love my class today. So fun! My teacher is more like a friend in so many ways. I learn another thing which I always seem to forget..


I thought I couldn't play the part and I ask my teacher to slow down the tempo. She pushed me instead of pampering me and I proved that I actually can.

Great news! I finally done all 5 artwork! I can finally submit to M.I.A *please don't think it's missing in action* I still need to get it certified by Pn. Normaliza, even though I can get it certified by the school but no thanks. I'd rather go to Pn. Normaliza. I actually wanted to go to school yesterday but she said that the school was having some "pemantauan" for the 3K competition. o.O our school is forever joining this competition and "beautifying" the compound.

no comments to that.

So I won't be showing my art in this blog.It will be posted in my Artblog. I don't know if I should keep the Artblog or delete it. >=( yeahh, but I'll post it there one of these days.

I thought I could actually register to M.I.A today. =( but no, I need to do that next week now and I was feeling nervous. Sigh, what the heck should I be nervous about?? It's just like a school minus the uniforms and more flexible timing. ~_~ it will be "the first day of school" all over again and I thought I got over that. I guess not.

Cheer '08 is tomorrow and on Sunday. If you enjoy watching competitions and love to feel the excitement you should go and watch. Heck, if it isn't your cup of tea then just go out and go home somewhere else. Simple. But must definitely give it a try.
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