Herbie Fully Loaded

Ignore the title. I ran out of title ideas.

I can't sleep.

I need to sleep.

Okay. I'm waiting for my hair to dry and I don't really like using hair dryer unless I have really not much of a choice. Thoughts are running through my mind right now. Piano class @ 9.30 am tomorrow =(

But, after that...I would be going Setapak.

Nervous? Just a little. I don't want to get too excited or anything. I don't want to regret either. Just when I am for sure that I am perfectly happy with my decision "someone" had to wreck it. For a moment there I had second thoughts. damn! no way am I going to change my mind. I'm sticking to this one. THIS is what I want.

okay. I'm going to finish watching Herbie Fully Loaded. =)

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