Happy Birthday Mum!

Its my mummy's birthday today!

haha. Well ever since we shifted here we don't really go out celebrating birthdays anymore. Besides my second bro is all the way up in Penang. I don't want to do a long dedication post because all that matters is that I love her. Nothing would mean more than keeping a good relationship with your mum. She's just great. Her fashion sense is quite good too! I rely on her! haha I'm just too darn tired to write a long dedication. I didn't do one for my dad and bro's either so lets just be fair yea? =)

My bro and I just finished baking brownies and making red eggs. Phew! I'm super exhausted okay. I had a long day and I've got my very first assignment! GASP!

okay, here is how my day went...

As usual I woke up early and prepared for college. I reached there early and yada yada... Mdm. Anna Chin came in and started explaining what we are suppose to do. The drawing paper is damn big okay! Its way much bigger than A3. I think its A2. Whatever. It is HUGE! I've got loads to do =( 12 segments to fill with 12 different type of media listed by her. o.O Have to pass up next week. I don't know how am I going to get it done. Tomorrow got class and this sat + sun I'm going to Penang.

Anyway, we all started getting close with each other. So I decided to join them for lunch lar... Cuz they are going to be my classmates and coursemates. So they brought me to BRJ mamak? haha somewhere in Wangsa Maju. This guy,a friend said he would bring me out so that I know how to go home. Cuz seriously, I know nothing of that place except how to get my butt to college and back home. But in the end he had to meet up with his TAR friends so he gave me directions.

I think you can totally guess what happened next...


Scared like hell wei. He didn't explain to me properly.. =( I almost went home through town route which I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT REMEMBER THE WAY cuz I only went through it once. I called him like 2 times? haha he also tried to help me. He told me to just jalan and look for Gombak. o.O omgosh. I'm like a freshie driver okay... I was stuck at Caltex because that was the only place I could stop my car. I straight away called my dad! I recognise the place but I don't know how to go from there. I didn't want to take a risk. I mean what if I got stuck in a place which I don't recognise???

My dad came to the rescue. I felt so bad =( I wanted to cry. But didn't. So yeahh...

I hope my family don't make jokes about me getting lost anymore. See what happened????!!!!

Came home. Didn't rest, went out with bro to get some stuff . Came back and started baking. I'm so tired. I want to rest but I can't. I want to do as much as I can on this assignment. I really want to do my best on it.

oh yea! some people find it hard to remember and pronounce my name. So my college friends decided to give me an english name O.O and its...

Wendy.. -__-"

hahaha anything lar. lolx. People used to call me that when I was really really young like pre-school cuz again, some can't pronounce my name.

luckily I'm not the only one who has a "nickname". =P

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