Cheer 08

Went to Cheer 08 with Sau Li, Emily, Marianne and Justin. Oh yeah, we met Adam as well. Sau Li's friend from school. Although my butt aches from the long hours of sitting it was still great. Much more livelier than last year.

Me and Justin reach there @ 9am sharp! and I thought we will be late. I also thought Sau Li would reach there first...o.O nope...all wrong. Sau Li was late!!! lolx~

At first it was like this...

this was something like yesterday. The temperature was fine...

then slowly it changes into this...

and then....when it became like got so hot and icky. I felt so sticky. Couldn't wait to shower!!!

When we reach there, I thought we could "chup" place for everyone at the same place like yesterday.. but we kena halau by Falcons. lolx. So we went and sit near Xavier and Adele supporters from CBN section. Nice view but damn they were loud!!! they won Best Supporter! haha so you can imagine how loud it could get.

Got a lot of amazing teams. 43 teams weii..gilerr...Some were so so lar but some were awesome.

Falcons. They rock but too bad they did not win anything.

Mr Dynamitez~ wooohooo Dynamitez mascot!

Caught some awesome jumping stunts. Caught mid-air.

wooohooo Stunners all boys!!! wasted lar for Vulcanz boys. They were good but there were some accidents with the stunts. Pirates were damn good also. Justin and I agreed that Pirates should have won instead of Stunners all boys. But oh well, at least Pirates won Best Newcomer! they deserved it.


During lunch break...they started a "parade" to kill time. haha so funny. It was great to watch but it got kinda boring when they kept going on and on and on and on....

While Marianne and I went to get lunch...someone shooked the coke bottle and it fizz out. argghh kena my leg..and it got so sticky~ ewwww

I like this pic. It proves that we can't camwhore like the pros. FAILED. but it looks awesome to me.

Dynamitez weren't so bad. They were great!!! but wasn't as great as last year...Shirtliff from SBU rocked!!! It was almost perfect. So synchronise. They were the ONLY group that didn't any points deducted at all.

got a lot of people fall. There were other teams that were great...Calyx, Venom, Blitzers.. Those are the few that I could remember. Although this year almost all the teams chose the similar songs. "i'm a barbie girl" ,"Flo Rida's Low" etc. Hear the same song, see the same stunts is very boring.

we all this the slow Mexican wave~ Super funnie! It really looked like we were watching slow motion!!! We sang Y.M.C.A. Apparently it is a "must know" song. It was fun doing the wave and the slow motion Mexican wave. Hilarious. Looks like all those slow motion you see in the movies.

First time in cheer history that a team won 3 awards. Shirtliff set the bar! They won Best Showmanship, Silky Girls Merit Award and they are the Champions for Cheer 08! wow!

Champion : Shirtliff from SM Seri Bintang Utara
1st Runner Up : Dynamitez from SMK Damansara Jaya
2nd Runner Up : Stunners All Boys from SMK KDU
4th Place : Titans from SJKC Convent Ave Maria
5th Place : Xavier from Convent Bukit Nanas

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