Here's something random : I LIKE TO BLOG BROWSE. hahaha blog surfing, blog browsing..whatever people are calling it. It's weird. I don't know why. I just like to see who it is and how their lives go. It shows me a different perspective of other people's lives...

haha don't give me that [o.O] look!

If you all ever watch The Nanny Diaries, don't forget to check out "Harvard Hottie" =P the actor is called Chris Evans. He is called "Harvard Hottie" for the right reasons...

Ever since that small almost massive "explosion" I had the other day, I've been pretty annoyed with a lot of things. It's like my mood just suddenly got messed up. Don't want to continue talking about it. Make's me mad to think about it and its not worth my energy.

moving on...

Justin and Iain are already at Uniten. It seems that what is left is me, still bumming around. Well not exactly bumming but somewhat. I've got 1 1/2 more painting/drawings to go... =) well yeahh...so I guess among all my friends..I'm the only one left that has not started college. "whoopie" ~ I better enjoy my last few weeks before its all over. I'm still feeling scared knowing that I'm branching out into something totally new and different from what I was brought up with in school.

okay enough of me being boring. blarghh i need to be INTERESTING~

I think saturday would be interesting. Jia Von is having her Birthday party...I'm attending. So its going to be fun~

now...what do I wear??? hmmm...hahahaha kidding...

no, I'm serious..what do I wear XD

haha next time then~

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