A Birthday Shoutout to...


Happy 18th Birthday~ Another legal babe on the streets! although you can still get away with *12 yrs and below*.

I've known this gal since form 1. I still remember that she was late on the first day of school! We've been in the same class for 5 whole years! We weren't always friends though. [correct me if I'm wrong yea] I still remember she was very ANTI- Harry Potter and I was very PRO-Harry Potter -_-" We had different views. But I don't think I have ever fought argue with her since then.

I wouldn't call myself her best friend cuz we both hang out with different groups of people. yeahh but in my opinion of her is fun..cool..quirky...straightforward and a good artist... I've always admire her art and her artistic sense..serious! no joke!

And those who took art as an elective year '07 and '08...remember the dinosaur drawing? =P that was cute.

Anyway, Jia Von~

Happy Legal Sweet 18th Birthday! hahaha Don't change alright? You're cool just the way you are. And if people don't get your jokes...screw ignore them. =P their loss!

What else can I say? Well, thanks for being a friend and I appreciate our friendship.





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