B is for Bananas

B . A . N . A . N . A . S !

I think it was last year. My dad wanted to have like a small fruit garden. I was quite against it actually cuz it looks so weird! But now I'm okay with it larr haha!

My dad got this banana plant. I have no idea what "breed" is it. My dad is trying to plant Pisang Berangan and there is another one he found somewhere near a road. Probably some mix breed lar. Well it finally ripen! The fruit looked so fat and plump! its...

so cuteeee~

* I hope it taste yummy~*

My second attempt to make lasagna was successful and super yummy! Cheesy goodness.

But I wasn't paying attention when I was slicing tomatoes and this is the souvenir that I got!

Ouchie! =(

its a Saturday and not many people are online~ WHYYYY????


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