Awesome, just simply awesome[pt 2]

6th July 08, Shopping + Girls Day Out @ Sungei Wang + Lot 10
I can really say that yesterday was perfect. I think we all had an AMAZING time.
Sau Li and Xin Yun got a lot of stuff! only Emily and I didn't get to find the shoes that we wanted.
We met up at LRT station and went to Sungei Wang.
We spent most of our time @ Watsons. =P i forgot about watsons until Xin Yun reminded me lolx!
We had our lunch at McDonalds. Save money for more clothes! hahaha

The difference between Spicy Chicken McDeluxe and DOUBLE Spicy Chicken Mcdeluxe...
You have to open your mouth bigger to eat it. =]

We went to F.O.S and the place there is wayyy much better than the one in MV. Clothes there looks a lot better and better variety.

we saw this cute bunny logo and this is what I came out with...

You know the brand Playboy? with the bunny logo..
this was how Playboy looked like when it was much younger! =P


After walking to quite a few places we went to Gasoline to take a break. Boy, it was definitely a much needed break!

combination of all our bags~



The drinks were good. I love longan milk...and it was a big jar.. shared with Sau li =)

L-R is Blue+Purple,longan milk and jasmine tea..

Kuala Lumpur at night.

We went to Lot 10 and Isetan was having somesort of warehouse sale for shoes and handbags.

Yeahh right...some 'sale' it was. It was terrible...=.="

Went to Esprit at Lot 10 and a few more places...then it was dinner time. So we walked back to Sungei Wang and ate at Nando's.

Behold..the magic cutlery! -__- somehow our cutlery got magnetized..

Emily and Marianne

our food..

We wanted to go Pavillion as well..unfortunately, no time.

After all that, we used the monorail to Hang Tuah and from there used LRT back to Seri Petaling. We reach SP about 10.40 pm. My dad came and fetched me..We reach home about 11.20 pm. Super late.

phew...thats all lar..

See you guys again this Sat and Sun for cheer 08! =)

5th July 08, Jia Von's Birthday Dinner @ Nihon Kai Restaurant.

Jia Von with Randy's lense'less specs. o.O
It's a small Japanese Restaurant. To me the food was great. Maybe cuz the company I had was great so the food automatically taste so much better. hahaha


We're suppose to meet up at 7pm but because of some unavoidable circumstances we got push back to 8pm. When I found out I was shock cuz I thought I wouldn't be able to go. I didn't want to trouble my parents but they were okay with it. hahaha lucky me!

Went there, it wasn't hard to find. The directions were clear...hahaha

met up with Jia Von and 2 of her college mates, Cheng Boon and Jian Wei =) I also met up with Eugene, Ganesh, Lin Shan and Randy and later that night, Kimberly Yeoh. =)

L-R top row: me,Eugene,Jian Wei
L-R bottom row : Kimberly,Jia Von,Lin Shan,Cheng Boon and Ganesh

our 'set' meal
The lady explained to J.V saying that it was going to be HUGE...ugh never trust them ,what came out was TINY~
so we all had to order extra side dishes or rather our main meal...=P
we ate, we talk, we drank GREEN TEA..hahaha I forgot to ask if they have sake. =P Wonder how it taste like. haha
I know we were making A LOT of noise because next door was making hella lot of noise too. The guy from next door was so WEIRD -_-" They were singing Happy Birthday and we joined them just to see who was louder in 3 languages. [o.O]
We couldn't stay as long as we wanted because the restaurant closes at 10pm. we had to rush. Cheng Boon and Jian Wei left just slightly earlier. Then, Jia Von started opening her presents.

Emily and I got her a Smartfortwo. The one that is 43 times smaller. What? we obviously couldn't afford to get her the real Smartfortwo right? lolx.

after that,

picture time! hahaha all posers lar..

I had fun. =) I hope you had a great birthday Jia Von and thanks!


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