Exhausted!Today is an exhausting day. I'm still clearing my room. Making it really really really nice. I am planning to rearrange my room. But nothing much to arrange...I can't move my wardrobe cupboard or my dressing table because it is stuck to the wall...built in lar. lolx. I can only move my bed around...I kind of regret buying a queen size bed. Single would do. I have have stick to my single bed then I would have more space. My room would be more interesting than it is now. But hey, at least I don't have to worry if I would fall of the bed =P
Father's Day was yesterday. As usual, just like Mother's Day my family didn't do anything special. Ever since we shifted here, my family is happier, less stressed out and became a very homey type of people. We like staying at home just relaxing. So it isn't very happening at all. Makes me feel like a boring person...But its really good here. Nothing much to worry about. You get PEACE!
Just want to say that we should appreciate our dads as much as we appreciate our mums. Yeah, mummy is the one who went through 9 months of pregnancy but daddy's the one who went through with mummy and her moods/cravings! Don't forget that!!! I can't think of any other words...all I can say is that I love him very much. I love my family very much.
There is a shop called Art Friend in The Gardens,Mid Valley!!! I want to go check it out! I'm so excited.
Oh yea! tomorrow would be my last day of my TV strike. Wow, I'm so proud of myself! hahaha *self praising* NOT watching tv actually made me feel better. I feel 'positive' I'm happier, more energetic and more hardworking. wahhhh....but because of not watching TV, I spend less time with my family. I felt a little sad yesterday....cuz all of them were watching a movie together and I couldn't join them =( My dad purposely disturb me..telling me that the movie is a good movie. hmph!
But I think I might extend my No TV contract/pact. Because it is giving me very very good outcome! Maybe until I settle my art thingy. I'm not very inspired lately. My art...Sigh, not very good. I visited a blog yesterday. She drew something so beautiful..and she said it was random and non related! and then I saw mine..its like so amatuer like. I need to be more confident with my work. I shouldn't give a damn. Once I start studying I would improve and that is what matters most!
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