To begin with...

I can't freaking book the tickets that I wanted. Even the Incredible Hulk also can't book already. Plus, urghh I'm feeling so annoyed. Don't freaking toy with me okay???

Gosh~ I don't even know how to express myself now. I just feel so annoyed...VERY ANNOYED.

All I booked was The Nanny Diaries. I hope its good. Unless we could queue up for the tickets that we wanted. Sigh, I hope Saturday won't be a bad day in making. I got a horrible nagging feeling that it will. Mdm Chong won't be in that day. I have to help manage the kindergarten... *oh shit, I hope I don't screw up* Sean would be there to help me... So this Saturday would be one of the longest Saturdays ever~

I am planning to go Art Friend. I hope it wont disappoint me. I already got some materials on my mind that I need to get...note: NEED not want.

Have you read the Star Youth lately? There is this art exhibition at Equatorial Hotel by an architect student Lee Hui Lian. It's her second solo exhibition and its on until 29th June. I'm interested to go but I need to arrange transport first >.< Anyone interested? Admission is free.

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