hot weather,sweat trickling down and I think about the wonders that we all have yet to discover.

Time to update.

Summer splash is coming and I get to attend it this time. Every year I failed to attend due to circumstances. I almost can't go for it this year. o.O this coming sat is a public holiday. Agong's Birthday. Which means NO WORK! *smiles* Well the thing is my parents want to go Penang. I also want to go but at the same time I want to go to Summer Splash!

so now....wakakaka I get to go summer splash and they get to go Penang. Its a win win situation. ;)

I've been driving lately. I'm still rough around the know, little things like parking...cornering... my confidence is getting better. Now I'm thinking of ways to spice up my car and make it my own. Any ideas?

I went to an event yesterday, by ELKEN. heard of it? well I wasn't too sure what was it about until yesterday. Hahaha I didn't stay there very long. Sorry Yeak Hon. But it was definitely an experience. I guess I learn some stuff. But I wish there were more ppl that I knew...Felt so 'fish out of water'. It was pretty much about direct selling. I'm not into all these direct selling. The products they sell are pricey. They have a HUGE range of products. From health pills to water purifier to perfume,lingerie and even biscuits. I didn't really dare to try their biscuits. But I did try their coffee. Not too bad~ I saw the price for a set of lingerie. It cost 2-3k!!!

Well nothing much to update about anyway. My life is quite stagnant at this point. counting the days until which i can call myself a student again.

end of hers,beginning of yours and the continuation of mine~

yours truly,

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