Tag number 1.[ tagged by Emelia and Christina]

6 things I'm passionate about :
- Fashion
-My Life
-The people around me
-Reaching my aim

6 things I say too often :
- Shit
- Damn
-I mean like
-Oh okay
-Like so ……

6 books I've read recently :
-My Sister’s Keeper
-The Cleaner
-The Taxi Driver
-Half a Yellow Sun
-The Zahir

6 things I learnt for the past year :
- Always make yourself happy FIRST
-Stick to Your Own Principles
-Nowadays, sch is not one of the safest place.
-Hardwork pays off
-Be happy with yourself, confidence is important
-Love Life and everything that comes with it
*extra* last year I learnt everything I could for SPM ...=P

6 people to tag..
-Sau Li
-Lu Shen
-Moon Ting

Tag Number 2[tagged by Lynn]

Name 5 people you can think of right off the top of your head.Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 5 people.This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first...

  1. Emily
  2. Justin *5 ppl only? i wanna list more! no offence yea to those i didnt list. its random*
  3. Lynn
  4. Sau Li
  5. Lu Shen

1. How did you meet number 1?[Introduction from a friend in sch, form 1, canteen =P]

2. On a scale of 1-10, how will u rate your friendship with no.1?[between 7-10] hahaha

3. How long have u known no.4?[about 2 years +]

4. How do you know no.3?[erm a classmate's sis and through pbsm i suppose]

5. Where's 5?[I have no idea..at home gua...]

6. A fact about no.1'A'? [a fact : she is a human girl,now that is a fact]

7. Who is 4 going out with?[ooo she's single atm if i'm not wrong~]

8. what does 1 do for a living?[nthn. hahaha she's on holiday lar]

9. Would u live with no.3?[hahaha why not? lolx ]

10. What do you like about no.2?[awww he's a fun goofy guy with a soft side haha]

11. Do you miss no.5?[miss? well if he keeps asking for chocs then no =P]

12. Would you make out with no.4?[hahaha if that were to happen we'd both have to be drunk and unconscious!]

13. What's your opinion on no.2?[he is an easy person to talk to]

14. What's your favorite memory with no.5?[He was my CA at OBM...he lied to us abou this age!!!]

15. What if no. 1 and no.2 were going out?[hahaha hilarious...justin would get on emily's nerves and emily would give justin....bruises? besides....her other half would kill justin if tht were to happen =P]

16. ever had a long conversation with no. 5?[how long is long? ]

17. have u ever slept at 2's house?[no]

18. do you hang out with 3 alot?[no, our hang out place is MSN]

19. who have you known the longest?[1]

20. how often do u talk to no.5?[not often]

21. what about no.2?[not as often as we used to...branching out to diff line edi lar now]

22. have u ever thought no.3 more than a fren?[why yes...lolx she is my 'sis']

23. would you go out for a date with no.5?[lolx...tht would be weird]

24. do u dream about no.2?[hhahaha...nightmare maybe got lar...lolx jk yea...=P]

25. what did no.4 did to you that you'll will never forget?[did TO me? not FOR me? haha if TO then not yet lo...]

26. what have you done for 1 that the person never forgets?[er..you should ask her since its something that she never forgets]

27. what's 5's hobby?[aiks...i don't know actually]

28. Tag 5 people...

malas lar wanna tag....ish...YOU! yes you...

Tag Number 3 and 4[tagged by Eric and Aurea]

1. Link your tagger and post these rules [ Eric and Aurea]

2. List 8 random facts about yourself.

-1. I'm a messy person. serious my room is a mess

-2. I don't eat petai.

-3.I'm vain

-4. I love art?

-5. I'm not scared of rats and toads but I do find creepy crawlies CREEPY

-6. I'm very emo

-7.I like shopping for books

-8. I like to have crazy fun

3. Tag 8 people at the end of this post.

nxt tag:

1. What do you want the most now? [ to start college and love it!]

2.What do you want to be when you grow up?[I want to be a great interior designer! wooohoo]

3.What would you do if you lost everything in one shot?[wow...I wouldn't what I would do. I know I would be depressed]

4.What are you afraid to loose now?[my will]

5.Do you believe in being in love forever?[yeah I think I do]

6.What will you do when you are down or depressed?[ cry...be sad...and suddenly poof i'll be happy again! haha]

7.If you meet someone you love would you confess to him/her?[hmmm it depends who it is...and yeah i might]

8.What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?[why should i even answer this???]

9.Which type of person that you hate the most?[hmm i can't really put my finger on ONE..]

10.Do you cherish every single one of your friendships?[yeah. I do. Unless they don't cherish it then I won't]

11.Do you believe in God?[why suddenly got this kind of question? yeah i do...]

12.What do you think is the most inportant thing in your life ?[gee...what is with all the deep questions? lolx. erm..most? my life? lolx ]

arghhh 4 tags is MADNESS weeiiii...I'm not going to continue those questions...sorry ppl!

I need to calm down.


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