Sunny Side Up

Suddenly the world comes crashing down. Isn't that whats happening? and BAMM! My bro calls me and tells me that the price of fuel has increase to RM2.70...I'm like *what?!?!* are you serious? He told me that all the petrol kiosk are PACKED with cars...hmm imagine sardines. Then, I realised..I said,'eh ko, my car petrol very low already'...haha but what to do? We're bound to pay for the petrol anyway. Its bound to increase sooner or later. But honestly its a shocker. Todays newspaper just stated that in August there will be another rise. So now the fuel price is going to keep increasing until August. *screams* Which means by august..the fuel price might go up until RM4.00. WTF~
My mind already flashes about my near future...How do I go to college? Have to find a place to stay there. I think its a good thing. I have to learn to grow up some way or another.
This afternoon, I had some sort of 'moment'. It was so weird. Suddenly I smell a familiar perfume smell, the ones I used to use way back in form 3 and 4. Gosh, then my mind was flooded with memories. I miss those moments. I wonder why I don't use those perfumes anymore. Those moments meant a ton of things to me. I miss it a lot. But I've already let go. No point going back. I'm done with it and its going to get better. I'm sure of it. I have just got to see the Sunny Side Up of life. =)
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