Staying on the right lane

Last minute preparation is not very productive. So, I'm screwed tomorrow. I didn't prepare enough for my piano.

sheeshh..I need to focus more! I'm already on the right I just need to accelerate! My life now is :

  • less TV
  • more art.

now I have to add one more... more piano

its always like that, one week I would practice a lot and then the following week I would be terrible. My timing is mismatch. excuses can be made. Its all time management and how I prioritise. I'm nearly there....nearly...but not there yet. I hate feeling disappointed. I'm so stressed out because of how I am...always pressuring myself and pushing myself to the brim even though my effort isn't always 100% there.

When I "chill" or not put stress on myself I become lazy and unfocused. I would have no direction. Ehhh damn susahlar.I'm already a bit uptight as it is~ Its either overly stressed but productive or more relax but no direction + very unproductive. Can't I have somewhere in the middle where I can stress and also learn how to relax at the same time.

Thats it..I'm not going to let myself off the hook.I'm going to practice until I'm satisfied.

Stay Focus!

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